How You Also Will Feel If You, Personally, Have That Lasik Surgery

"My God, look - there, in the mirror. It's me, but the reflection is *right there*, not behind plastic or metal but right there, naked and staring. And it's not blurry at all. Look!

"*This,* like this, is how I'll spend the rest of my life?.. see myself this way for the rest of my life?.. be seen this way? I look like... I don't know, but not me. Every face I've ever stared into, gazed into, saw these eyes behind glass, obscured by glare and smudges. But now, I see with my eyes.

"I guess this is how it's supposed to be. They righted the wrong in there, with their clacking, flashing contraption. They put me back how I was supposed to be.

"How *weird*."

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