Yes, Colin, You're Funny

In shrewd preparation for future moments of self-doubt - the next one's due around 3 p.m., or thereabouts - I shall now immortalize for later reference a thing which was said by me, yesterday, and has been more or less agreed upon as a funny thing to have said.


A coworker or mine, a Brand Manager, has two designers paging through books of clip art looking for a picture of a car, when up walks me. I ask what's going on; she speaks of a golf outing for auto dealers coming up, for which she must ready some signage. She then turns to me and asks if I think we should include any little car-dealer type jokes to break the ice. "Sure," I say, and she looks up at the ceiling, racking her brain: "Hmm... something like, 'how many car salesmen does it take to change a light bulb?'..."

Right on time, I suavely blurt, "Let me go check with my manager" and everybody laughs out loud.

...Now, Colin, remember that? That was you, man! You can do it! Now go back out there and get 'em!

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