If the Guy Who Fills My Prescriptions Was Just Like the Guy Who Sold Me A Vacuum Cleaner Belt

Hi, how can I help you? Oweevox Pain Suppressant and Anti-Inflammatory? Sure, just give me a second...

Hmm, I can't seem to find it anywhere here. Is this a recent prescription? What I mean is, most of my customers come in asking for some of the more... modern medications, like, say, your Hertzval 2500s or your Soricon geltabs. That sort of thing.

The great thing about those is, you can use a lower dosage level and get the same results. With that Oweevox... believe me, you're going to be in here again in a week or two asking me for another hundred caplets.

Have you seen some of the newer medicines on the market now? They're really amazing. Why, this Titaniux shot for improving bone density - some of my clients have told me great things about the results they've been getting.

No problems with bone loss, you say? Well, just a matter of time.

Understand, friend, I don't mind filling your prescription for something small like these Oweevox tablets. Why, it's those day-in, day-out transactions that make up a good portion of our business.

But you really owe it to yourself to consider the more permanent solutions available to you, like this Spackow injection, proven to all but eliminate large or unsightly pores. What? Yes, I know it has nothing to do with the condition you were prescribed medicine for, but it never hurts to keep yourself healthy.

Just the Oweevox? Okay then. Did you just want the one bottle, or should I go ahead and get you stocked up with a couple dozen - get you all set and save you a trip back in here? No?

You sure?

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