Mental Meteorology

So how's the weather in your head?

A little earlier my boss paid me a nice compliment, and then I got to have lunch with my lovely wife, so right now in here it's sunny and warm.

Seriously, tell me:
Post a comment anonymously if you have to.


Anonymous said...

My weather has been really shifty lately. One minute I'm sunny. The next it's stormy for the foreseeable future. Not pleasant for you, I'm sure.
I just got up from an hour and a half nap and feel better. Maybe I was just overtired. xo, p.

Anonymous said...

Cloudy, extremely cloudy, strong chance of rain, outlook on weather clearing up, very grime.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. Personally, although it's pouring rain this morning where I live, I'm enduring conditions more like a desert - no rain, no sign of rain, and it's desperately needed.