Bad News for Most of the People I See Driving Camrys and Accords

I hate to break it to you, but "champagne" is really just beige.


Anonymous said...

o my. You know how I was all crushing on your wife, particularly when I discovered she has bunny ears affixed to her motorcycle helmet? Remember that? Remember how I wanted her to marry me and come live with me in a hollowed out pumpkin by the seashore or something equally freakish? Well.... I'm ammending that.

I want the pair of you to adopt me. And regale me daily, indeed hourly, with all your wit and wonder. And feed me too much chocolate. Because Holy Monkey! (I've liberated that term from Penelope) you're something! Man, can you write! My inner language lover is squirming with delight and I can't gobble through your archives quickly enough! Swoon!

xoxoxoxo Wee

Colin said...

Wow, Wee! I'm blushing so hard I think my head will fall off.

Well, in the interest of mutual admiration I just visited your site and all I have to say about that is... you had me at "lens retreated grumpily."

Penelope seems to attract the coolest people. Let us all go live in a magical conch shell at the bottom of the sea.

Anonymous said...

or a pineapple ala Sponge Bob! Wait... you do know Sponge Bob Squarepants, don't you? I know you've only just begun to reacquaint yourselves with teevee, but surely you've discovered Sponge Bob. ("yellow and pourous and absorbent is he!")

So... is your blog a kind of secret or can I actually link to you? Because I'd like to!

xo Wee

Colin said...

Oh, I don't see why not. That would be very nice of you.

I'm still writing like nobody's reading, though. This much I promise you.

P.S. A friend of mine once, on my command, dropped on the desk and flopped like a fish, and he nearly sprained his pancreas.

Anonymous said...

Noooo, it is not just beige. Champagne is a pale shimmery peachy brown with a hint of pink. Beige is just beige.