The Optimistic Shoveler

Isn't this beautiful? There must be a foot of snow here - all from last night! Well, I'm sure the car will get through it all right... let's just back out of the garage here...

Ooh, look at that - stuck. Looks like I made it at least a good ten, fifteen feet, though... almost a whole car length. I'll just hop out and shovel a couple tracks the rest of the way out to the street.

Wow, it's really heavy, too! None of that light, fluffy stuff for us. Oh, well, I haven't driven on it yet, so it shouldn't be stuck to the pavement or anything.

Gosh, look at all this! I think it's still coming down! Good thing I won't have to clear all this - I'm sure when the sun comes out later it'll melt the majority...

Oh yeah, didn't the weatherman say there'd be a high of ten degrees today? Maybe that was the overnight low. With wind chill. In the shade. We'll be alright.

Ok, let's try backing the car out the rest of the way... stuck again. Hmm.

Hey, here comes the snowplow! "Vince, come here, get away from the street! Good boy!" Dogs sure love snow. Man, it seems like that plow is getting good and close to the edge of the street - he must want to make a really wide path.

Thunk! - Oh, no, my mailbox!

"What's that, sir?" Darn, I couldn't hear him. Well, I guess I can prop up the post in that pile of snow over there and install a nice new one as soon as this thaws.

Maybe one of those reinforced ones with the steel support rod. Yeah, that'll be nice. I can picture it already.

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sarah said...

my mailbox is currently propped up in snow also