This Spline of Mine

Penny's really getting into silkscreening now, and she's decided she wants to do bigger works. The setup she bought, though, only accommodates paper up to about 11 x 14, so I'm building her a bigger one.

Under the direction of her reliably ambitious brother, we went to the art store this morning and got four wooden frame sections, all with little grooves in the back where you're supposed to secure the screen material. We keep having to run out to the hardware store to pick up little stuff we forgot or didn't realize we needed; you know how it goes with construction projects.

At this point I've built the frame, braced the corners, and screwed the hinges down and made sure they hinge and everything. All that's left is to stretch the screen and push it down into the groove with a cord of spline. It actually seems kind of tricky.

In fact, I may just wait until Penelope gets back from the store. I've never silkscreened before, and I'm not sure how you line up the material, or how perfect it has to be or anything . . . I think I'll just let her handle it.

Hey Lopie, wherever you are: when you get home, you got some splining to do.

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Jessica said...

Man, I am a *complete sucker* for a good pun (which often leads me to the pun-rich environment of, yes, America's Funniest Home videos) and this one made me laugh out loud.

There are several things I love about your blog: 1) that I have *absolutely no clue* what the name means, 2) that it makes me itch to write stuff too (a rare occurrence) and 3) that it makes me laugh out loud (see above). Thanks for keeping it up.