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Magnolia Bud
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The trash is out. The kitchen is clean. The tiny puffs of polyester stuffing that covered the living room floor have all been stuffed back inside Vince's toy as he sat and stared at me, cocking his head uncomprehendingly.

I showered this morning, and shaved, the first time in days, and before I left the house I looked everything over one last time, making sure I hadn't missed anything. Not much had changed, really - I just tried to keep it all the way she left it.


Penelope's flight comes in at 4:06, and I am ready. I pulled out of the driveway early this morning - trying to come into work early so I can leave to pick her up - and suddenly remembered a feeling I'd forgotten, a feeling I never really recognized before.

It was the way I felt a few years ago. ...Trying not to touch anything, hesitating to move in any direction, postponing any decisions. It was just like I felt before I met Penny. Waiting.

Waiting for my life to begin.


Anonymous said...

This made my eyes well up a little!
You are a super dude. I am sure Penelope knows it.

- amanda woodward

Brianna said...

This was beautifully expressed. Lucky girl!

Alison said...

That is the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time- I got teary eyed! I'm going to miss having Penny around but am happy she's returning to such a loving husband.

jake said...

awww shucks. I think i will turn around and hug you...