The Hampton Inn & Suites, Scottsburg

Our hotel room features complimentary breakfast, cable television and high-speed internet access. It's pretty nice, although I keep thinking that if it were my place I'd want to get some of these light fixtures changed, from fluorescent to pretty much anything other than fluorescent, and I'd probably shove these two Full (they're kidding themselves about these being Queen-size) beds together, if only the headboards weren't epoxied to the wall. Oh, and I might build in a small half-bath over there by the Executive Desk - I don't know how couples or anybody else gets by with fewer than one toilet per occupant.

Yeah, if we were staying here permanently, I'd be making a few changes around here. But we're not, and now that I'm writing this I'm thinking that our temporary status is probably my favorite feature about the place.

After the hot tub.

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Luke said...

I love the way your writing keeps supplying me with more. It's not random and wandering. It's an unfolding experience... down to the last word.

Very good stuff.