Additional Signals To Be Implemented By Baseball Pitchers And Catchers

"A fastball is a good idea here, but I was thinking more along the lines of nap."

"Yes, on the condition that you stop pointing to your crotch."

"Okay, but do you really think that will work?"

"No, and I'm offended by the offer."

"Not the hanging curveball. I never could throw the hanging curveball."

"Sorry, I missed that last one. I am sleepy."

"Nap, man. Seriously."

"Whatever, dude. I say we lose on purpose and become street sweepers."

"Look, I don't care what you signal. This next one's coming in so fast and high it'll shatter your facemask."

"Are you really signaling six changeups in a row, or is there some kind of rash on your thigh?"

"The umpire is giving you bunny ears."

"Is it first down, or whatever?"

"Whoa. This batter is SO juicing."

"This guy has homered off me more times than I can count. We're screwed."

"What say I just drill the next couple in the kneecaps?"

"Stop looking at me. Everyone's looking at me."

"You know what I miss? Kickball."

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BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Hahahahah those are great!!