This Clip Is In No Way Great

They say you get what you pay for with a haircut, and they're full of crap. Evidently the people who believe that have never seen the buzz-cut hedgehog perched atop my scalp this morning.

Twelve bucks. Twelve bucks! I even tipped her a dollar, but that was mainly out of pity.

It's not like I have a tricky haircut to perform. Shave the sides and back; clip the top down somewhat. Tame it - that's all I'm asking.

I do not recall requesting a clearly defined stripe running around the circumference of my noggin, so it's dark brown on top and light brown further down, like some crazy kind of gelled-up chocolate layer cake.

We went back in. That's how bad it was. We paid, left, bought some cat food and trashbags and came back. "Do you think you could smooth out this transition a little bit?" I asked, searching the vacant eyes of a scissors-wielding woman who should have gone into lawn care.

And she tried - I think. It was like asking someone who's keying your car to please scrape up the other side as well, so as to make the overall appearance at least symmetrically shitty.

So now I look like I've got mange.

Oh, well. It'll grow out. And since Penelope touched it up when we got home, it doesn't look that bad. If nothing else, it's entertaining.


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Luke said...

"symmetrically shitty"

now THAT'S a T-shirt for ya!