Birthday Blog

As of now, the planet has twirled its way around the Sun just about exactly twenty-eight times since I got born.

Five presidents, two American wars and eleven Cher albums later, here I stand.

Did you know I missed Halley's comet? I did. It came by when I was in grade school, and the teachers wistfully informed us that we were lucky and would theoretically have the chance to see the comet twice in our lifetimes - once then and again sixty-some years later, when they themselves would of course be long gone. Looking back, I feel kind of bad for reminding my educators of their own mortality like that, but I bet they were used to it.

Penelope loves birthdays, because she loves getting older. "The older you are, the cooler you are," she says, confirming what I've long suspected - ever since the day I stood in my driveway astride a chrome Schwinn BMX bike and saw my ancient seventeen-year-old neighbor Kyle speed past on a motorcycle, the tips of his unsmoked cigars peeking out of his shirt pocket.

I am getting older. And I feel good about it. "Beats the alternative," as they say. I'm thankful for every ride around the Sun I can get. And I swear, every time around, it keeps getting better.


penelope said...

Happy birthday baby! I'm so essited!

Anonymous said...

Add my good wishes for today and for the coming years as you circle round and round the sun. Your writing does brighten our lives!

To The Moon said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...


Wait, five presidents? *counts on fingers*

Oh my goodness. You're right.


Thomas said...

Happy B'day dude. In Japan, 26 is the age bracket, so I wish I'd have turned one more year yesterday before I bought insurance! Have a good year!

Katrina said...

Happy birthday (late)!

I hope you had a loverly day.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!

Thanks to a little birdie whose name begins with P, I knew yesterday was your birthday and tried to send good vibes your way.

Hope they made it all the way to Indiana.

xo, christine