Expecting The Temperate, Steeply Sloping Unexpected

I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow, and I wonder what that will be like. I've never been there before.

From the pictures I've seen, I think San Francisco will be tilted - toward the sea or away from it I'm not sure. Slanty for sure, though.

I think there will be motorcycles zooming everywhere, because there's a great magazine called CityBike published there that fiercely advocates urban motorcycling, and because if I lived someplace with nice weather I'd damn sure ride my motorcycle all the time.

I think San Francisco will be foggy, and I will wonder why this doesn't hinder the motorcyclists more.

I think it will be full of well-read Asians, possibly gay.

I do not think people there will really eat Rice-A-Roni, at least not more often than they do here in Indianapolis.

I expect to get hit by a trolley.

Not really.

I think the residents will surprise me by being even smarter/funnier/more likeable than I'm even expecting, and I'm expecting them to be pretty darned smart/funny/likeable. We're meeting several of Penelope's friends there, and they sure seem that way so far.

I think lots of San Franciscans will not be from San Francisco, unlike how it is here. I wonder if all these transplanted folks will be the type to frequently re-park their cars and motorcycles if they see a better space.

I think Penelope and I will have a funny, special, unpredictably perfect time there together, and I think I will fall for San Francisco, but that I will fly home all the same, homesick and missing my dog and family and too broke to even borrow a Kleenex.

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Luke said...

How does being broke effect your ability to borrow a Kleenex? You silly boy.

I like to let your blog slide for a while and then catch up on a bunch at once. What a genuine treat.

Spectacular as usual.