I Have Decided To Just Ask Questions All Week

Recognizing the possibility that I may one day run out of random crap to blab about, I am now adjusting my Offical Strategy for this weblog, and experimenting with a new approach—a paradigm dialectic, if you will. (Most wouldn't.)

In this new dialectic, I (we) will employ (exploit) the "Comments" feature of the Blogger service by using it to host an ongoing discussion, an ever-lengthening thread of thought that will, with any luck, become much more comprehensive and interesting than the initial entry that inspired it. One question; lots of answers: that's the (new) (probably short-lived) idea.

So if you're reading this site occasionally but hesitating to comment, now's the time. Chime on in anonymously if you have to, but speak your mind. I'll try to choose simple topics that everyone will have an opinion on.

First Question:
Screw What Your Car's Color Says About You;
What Do *You* Say About Your Car's Color?

Now personally, I've never directly chosen the color of my car, because I've never owned a new vehicle. I may have been attracted to one used example over another based on its particular hue, but the day has yet to come when I swagger through the doors of a dealership, throw myself down in the swivel chair and demand a brand-new coupe in Desert Mica Nocturne or some such.

My car, since I asked, is black. This is fine by me. It's a Cadillac, and there's a lot to be said for the way "Black Cadillac" rolls off the tongue, though I do suffer from all the standard impracticalities attendant to black vehicles—near-constant dirtiness, awe-inspiring attraction of dust, scorching the living crap out of your fingertips whenever you grab the door handle on a hot day, etc. Sure looks great when it's freshly washed, though. Our old car, which was a truck, was white, and that thing was downright blinding when it was sunny out. Black is better because when you lean over the hood it looks like you're peering into a well, and there you are at the bottom, smiling back up at yourself like a goober.

Your turn—what color is your car, and how do you like it?


Anonymous said...

I hate our black cadillac. Not the cadillac part, just the black part. It never looks clean. You roll out the carwash and instantly the dust sticks to you.

I never want another black car.

I prefer white. Or orange. That's it. White or orange.

What I want is a Honda Element. Orange. That's a color I could get behind.


Jan said...

I pick red cars. I guess I don't know why, I just do. I loved my red Suburu. I painted my kitchen red. Now if I was getting a new Mustang, I don't think I'd pick red. Maybe blue.

marizka said...

According to the salesman, my car is Infra Red. It's used so it was either the red one or the white one. I figured the red one would be easier to find under 7 feet of snow. Not that I've ever been in 7 feet of snow, but I beleive in being prepared. Now whether it can drive in 7 feet of snow is another question...

Katrina said...

My car is turquoise. Not something I would have chosen, but I bought the car from my mom, who loves turquoise, so I didn't have much choice.

I like it because I can find it very easily in a parking lot. Not too many other turquoise cars out there. I can see why P-lope would want orange.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to tell you, bro. This Stang I got -- it like, changes color while you're looking at it. Like, it's purple, ok? And then you walk around to the back... and it's green! Wild, I know. Chicks totally freak.


Anonymous said...

My car is YELLOW. I don't even know what kind of car it is; it's just yellow. And how do I feel about the fact that it's yellow? AWESOME. I think of my car as being SCREAMING yellow. ALL CAPS yellow. When I'm driving down the street in my yellow car, you can't even LOOK at me -- THAT is how yellow my car is. It's like I'm driving the friggin' SUN down the street. YEAH!

Anonymous said...

I drive a vintage Jaguar E-Type convertible in British Racing Green with tan seats and beautiful original spoked wheels. Yes, I am a lucky prick.


Anonymous said...

I drive a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda in perfect Vitamin-C Orange with a 426 Hemi V8. I too am an astounding jerk.


Anonymous said...

Silver. My current vehicle, a 2005 BMW 330xi, exactly like my previous vehicle (also a BMW, by the way) is an absolutely flawless Titanium Silver Metallic. I had the dealership order it directly from Munich, as a matter of fact. The salesman offered me a modest discount on a Steel Gray Metallic model they had sitting on the lot, but that color seemed so... pedestrian. Don't Hondas come in that color, for heaven's sake? It told him I would *consider* accepting one in Alpine White, but only if they had one with a Granite Alcantara interior. Needless to say, they didn't.


Anonymous said...

Ah, it looks black from here. The dashboard's black; I can verify that for sure, but it's kind of hard to see out of this thing. I'm not sure why we needed a Hummer anyway. All I see is sky and steering wheel here -- I just go by the screams and honking to tell when I'm in an intersection. Sorry, buddy! Oh look -- I can see the top of a gas station sign. I'd better stop.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Silver. My last two pickups have been silver. It can be covered in muck, and still look clean.

Anonymous said...

my car is silver. the same color as every other car in the world. I am constantly losing it in grocery store parking lots. The only thing that helps me locate it is the mauve and frankly kinda moldy plastic "Tyrannosaurus Rex of Love" on the dashboard, a memento from my first kinda sorta date with my husband. T.rex of Love is a refugee from a Wendy's kids meal. He must be like seventeen years old now (Oh my gawd, I am OLD!) and is kinda scorched looking. He has been perched on the dashboard of every single car the husband and I have owned together. Kind of an evil eye warding off traffic danger and other assorted catastrophe. He frequently goes flying when I turn a particularly tight corner or slam on the brakes too fast.

I think I want a chartreuse green car next time, but the husband isn't sold on the idea. Our last car before the silver one was "rainforest green." i liked it. It was pretty and fairly distinctive. But it never ever looked clean.

xo Wee

Colin said...

I am STRONGLY in favor of the "Tyrannosaurus Rex of Love." We have an old Compass That Doesn't Work affixed to the windshield of our car, and Penelope tells me she's had it in every car since college. Her brother Tom gave it to her.

My only suggestion regarding the "Tyrannosaurus Rex of Love" would be to rename him the "Frankly Kinda Moldy Tyrannosaurus Rex of Love."