The Reason Only About 30 Percent of My Blog Ideas Actually Get Written

"...Ah, I just had a good idea for my blog. Where's some paper? Maybe in the glovebox. I'll open the glovebox. Crap. Everything's falling out now. Why did I pack things in here this way, tilting outward and downward like that? Even still, I bet it would have stayed put if this road were smoother. Or the car had better shocks. I bet in the future cars will ride reeeally smoothly, like smooth enough to make this seem like a truck. Like monorails. You always see those in the future. I should write something about futuristic cars on my blog. Maybe like my best guesses on what cars in the future will be like. Or ridiculous, unlikely guesses, like that all the cars will be powered by wheat. That might be funnier. Not too many of my blogs are funny anymore. I wonder why not? Maybe I should write about that. The thing about cars in the future is that they're always silent and speedy and really simple-looking. Ooh - remember that car thing at the end of A.I., when the alien life forms glide down to the ruins of the planet where the little boy's in the spaceship under the sea, staring at the sculpture mermaid? Like their car. I remember it just kind of floated apart when they arrived, all the parts drifting off in different directions to serve different temporary purposes or whatever. Now there's a futuristic car. There were only, like, four people in that car, though. Aliens, I mean. Maybe they were supposed to be humans that evolved more. That's the other thing about the future - there's always plenty of room for everybody. Maybe it's supposed to be that we colonize other planets or whatever, but I think it would work just as well to just reduce the number of people on this planet. Then everything could be easier. Surely someone's thought of that. Just reproducing less and less, gradually shrinking the human race. Like they do in China, or wherever it is that each couple is only allowed to have two kids. Yeah. Maybe I should write about that. Nobody would like the idea, but why not? Is the ultimate goal of humanity to just overrun the planet? I've never understood that. Most companies seem to want that. The purpose of the company is to make more money and put the money in the company and make even more money and grow and grow and grow until you're a worldwide conglomerate with seventeen thousand employees. That doesn't even make sense, but it seems like all companies just take that for granted, that this is the object of the game. I could write about that. Nah, I don't know enough about economics to speak knowledgeably about this. I should write about that other idea, the earlier one. What was it about? Gloveboxes?"

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