Cheetahs or Snow - You Can't Have Both

If you live in Indianapolis, or perhaps at a latitude further north, you may have noticed that it's snowing today. There seems to be at least an inch accumulated so far, and I searched the house in vain for a scraper this morning, ending up using a broom to clear the snow from my windshield.

As I accelerated up the street, attempting to use the aerodynamic forces to remove the rest of the snow from the car - I think everyone does this - I thought about my friend Marizka. She's from South Africa.

Now, some people from warmer climates are funny about solid precipitation - I understand Floridians immediately crash their cars into the nearest pole when the first flake touches down - but Marizka loves it.

Last year, when the pathway to our office got covered, she was the first one out there, shoveling the pavement clear. People look at us funny, as if it's unchivalrous to allow a female to handle the office grunt work, but the truth is that you can't talk her out of it.

Before she came here a few years ago, Marizka had never seen snow, except in pictures. And relocating to some "Indianapolis" place, far from the rugged hills and sunny savannahs of South Africa - her class field trips involved cheetahs, for crying out loud - didn't have too many bright sides that she knew of. So she decided to look forward to snow.

It worked perfectly. I don't want to speak for her inaccurately, but I believe what you're seeing out your window right now is Marizka's favorite thing about this city. When I came in this morning I peeked in through her office window, and she was grinning like a diamond magnate.

So if you notice a five-foot-tall woman out clearing the snow off your doorstep, just let her go. Don't try to stop her. She's having a good time, and enjoying her new home. Besides, she's got a shovel.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I really feel the need to add this disclaimer: Not ALL five-foot tall women would reject some male intervention with the snow shovelling thang. This five-foot tall woman n particular would WELCOME any help in the shovelling department. I would eagerly relinquish my grip on the shovel and promptly run inside to make you hot chocolate with marshmallows should you happen by. And cookies. And cash! And lots and lots of applause.

Because shovelling snow... especially heavy, wet Canadian snow... the kind that the street plow cheerfully and frequently dumps at the end of your drive-way thus effectively trapping you and your dog (She Who Must Be Walked Right Bloody NOW before she EXPLODES) in your driveway... when you are only five feet tall is not an easy thing to do. And it makes you all sweaty and swear-y and stuff. Trust me on this one.

xo Wee

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Lope-ster! And Vince and the kitties too.

xo Wee