Joining The Cult

I can scarcely believe this, but I'm considering buying season tickets to a major sporting event.

I'm not really your typical tailgatin', beer-drinkin' sports fan yahoo - well, the beer-drinking part is accurate - and it's true that I despise being in large crowds, plus I'm not generally keen on parting with large sums of money, but, but...

Go Colts!

Man, oh man. Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Edgerrin James... tell me you're not impressed with Edgerrin James. Nobody can do what he can do, even if it is a pretty specialized, impractical, grotesquely overpaid ability.

Call me a bandwagoner if you like, but at this point in my life, like no other point before, I am Really Interested in watching professional football - enough to consider paying $1200 to go to ten home games next year. It's crazy.

Is it just because they're winning? Maybe. Is it just that I feel left out because two of my friends have season tickets and always go to games without me? Perhaps.

I just think it sounds like a lot of fun to get all excited about Indianapolis's football team, and go to the games and yell and scream and pay too much for parking. I think I could get into that. I think it actually might be worth all the trouble.

It's almost impossible to avoid around here anyway... Penelope and I saw this festively, illiterately decorated cake in our local grocery last week:

- So why fight it?

Yeah! I have decided that I will be a Colts FAN. As in, short for "fanatic." As in, "crazy person who voluntarily joins in an absurd weekly celebration of humanity's inexhaustible capacity for investing our interest in activities and events that are clearly meaningless if given even a moment's consideration." Whoo!

Go Colts!

Then again, let's see how I feel about it tomorrow, if they lose to the Steelers and break their undefeated streak.

What am I saying? I mean, if we lose to the Steelers, and break our undefeated streak. Knock on wood.


penelope said...

As in twelve HUNDRED dollars?
Like over one thousand, 12 hundred?

No way, buster. Our tv is just fine.

Thomas said...

Colts is going all the way? The Colts are going all the way! Now even cakes are letting down the english language. But 'Colts' refers to a singular team, unless you look at it as a lot of players that play to make the Colts... confusing.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Penny, but I know approximately 2 things about sports...Pacers and Colts. But Colin, you have been a sports fan since right after high school. Don't you remember that famous line (and I am quoting one of the greatest) "what's up sports fans". I knew from then on you were a great fan of the sports. Keep the spirit going!

Anonymous said...

Hey I say "buy the tickets" IF thats what you want..You work to earn the money also....I have even caught myself wearing Colts jerseys...GO FIGURE that one..but anyway GO COLTS!!!!!