Can You Believe It?

According to this site here, there are no hot air balloon rides offered in the Saskatoon region of Canada. Not one.

Oh sure, in Manitoba you're all set - just call Balloons Aloft in Winnipeg and they'll hook (and take) you up. Saskatoon: nada.

Do you realize how much I wanted to be able to say I was off to fly a balloon in Saskatoon?

Do you?

A lot!


Anonymous said...

Hee. Good thing I did not hop in my car for the 8 hr drive to Saskatoon to take a balloon ride. That would have been a big let down.

- amanda

Gwen said...

Sundance Balloons gives balloon rides all the time, launching from a park by the river here in Saskatoon. Call (306) 382-0022. Don't believe everything you read on the web! :)

Colin said...

Gwen, I stand corrected. And delighted!