Don't Answer That

On second thought, for some reason today I'm thinking more clearly, and I no longer wish to have people remind me of their personal hardships. I can think of lots of things worse than having to pay $900 for dental work.

To wit:
Paying $900 in hush money to somebody who's blackmailing you.
Paying $900 in taxes to cover inept politicians' salaries.
Losing $900 in stock value because your corrupt CEO sold out the company retirement fund.
Paying $900 in interest on an exorbitant credit card balance.
Owing $900 and not being able to pay.
Getting $900 in severance pay after losing your job unexpectedly.
Paying $900 to repair a sewer line that exploded in your basement.
Paying $900 to repair somebody else's car you crashed into, and knowing your insurance will go up.
Paying $900 in increased property taxes that went up for no reason you can discern.
Being kept away from your wife and family for six months while you're leading Marines in Asia.

Some of these things have actually happened to me or people I know (not the blackmail thing; that would suck), so again, I guess I just needed some time to gain perspective and let the frustration dim a little. I hope Matt's gotten over dropping those passes, too.

Sorry for the momentary lapse of judgment.

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