Uncle Dick's Gem

During yesterday afternoon's big Dullaghan gift exchange, while wading through wads of wrapping paper on his way to the front door, my uncle Dick said something fantastic:

"Yeesh - I'm opening a window or something. It's hotter than the hinges of Hades in here."

It was all I could do to resist applauding.

So now, here a day later, I'm figuring other people probably gathered some awesome aphorisms from their family members over the holidays as well, and I would absolutely love to hear 'em. I'd like that about as much as a _____ ____s ____. On a _____.



Thomas said...

None here, man. I'll start collecting now though.

Katrina said...

No aphorisms, but my brother made up a fabulous word: skinch.

(verb) skin.ch

To redact a previously argued upon statement. To skinch, skinching, skincher.

eg. Although Katrina argued vehemently that the film clip with Rick Moranis was from Honey, I Shurnk the Kids, she later skinched and said it was from Parenthood.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, no golden phrase to impart though man, Colin, i am so with you on that front. Don't you just love wwords? In phrases? All chewy and nuggety and delicious.

But my brother did stumble on a new word which I adore and will endeavour to use absolutely every day of 2006. It is chibbles. It is a combination of chewing and nibbling and it is what dogs do to the end of your nose when they are feeling especially affectionate and/or playful and I have decided that whenever it is used, it must also be bolded. When possible, at least.

Now I need to come up with a term for when a dog accidentally hooks your nostril on an errant fang whilst chibbling, incurring excruciating pain and profuse leaking of the eyes. Thoughts?

May the next year be healthy, blissful and peaceful, full of love, laughter and cheerful chibbles for you and your Lope-ilicious wife.

xo Wee

Colin said...

And a chibblicious new year to you too, Wee.

As for the other term, the fang-hooking misfortune in question, I would humbly submit "Stabbling," for its likeness to the word "dabbling," which can also end in tears, and "stubble," which I understand can similarly inflict sudden, unwelcome pokage of the tender facial regions.

kohn said...

the closest i've come in contact with is borrowed from an 80 year-old pressman that used to work for me...

whenever something stank it up, he would say:

boy, that was enough to knock a dog off a gut wagon.