What - I'm Not Good Enough For You Now, Yahoo Mail Server?

Goodness knows why, but throughout the day now I keep getting these irritating little reminders that "The POP server 'pop.sbcglobal.yahoo.com' rejected the password for user 'cdullaghan,'" and that I must re-enter my password, or cancel. Fine. After I tap in the little code once more, all is well, for ten minutes or so, when it reverses its decision that my password was okay, concluding after all that it Simply Won't Do.


It's most likely some new anti-spamming feature, or security firewall somesuch, so I guess I'm not complaining. I will say, though, that it's hard not to take it personally after awhile. Why is it necessary to use the word, "reject"? Especially in the past tense... so final, so deflating.

"We have rejected your password. Please enter your password and re-submit it, even though you already did, or cancel. This is not optional; you must do one or the other. Yep - it's all on our terms. Give us what we want or move it along, sucka."

Total submission - that's what they're after. I see how it is. I wish there was a really defiant way to click your cursor on the word "Cancel," but there isn't. Even if there were, it's not like I won't come crawling back ten minutes later, humbly Re-Submitting my password, begging for my precious email once more.

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