Fresh n' Ferocious

You know what I just realized? These new zip-loc seals on beef jerky packets are DOUBLE awesome, because not only do they keep your jerky nice and, uh, jerky, they require two hands to close, forcing you to hold the jerky with your mouth as you seal the seal, clenching your jaw and gritting your teeth in a splendidly carnivorous way!

Oh, whoops: are you supposed to use the word "splendid" while talking about beef jerky?

Probably not.


Anonymous said...

The other day you said this, "There's no better feeling than to make someone laugh, I think. Really, really bust-a-gut cracking up, I mean. No matter what else has happened that day, or that year, for that moment everything seems to have fallen into place perfectly."

Well, this blog entry struck that cord with me! Mission accomplished, C-Money!


Daniel said...

well, for us hi-tech rednecks on the wurld-wahd webb, we thinks that splendid is too gurly a werd to use when talkin about G-d's greatest gift, the beeeeef jerky. We consider it GREAT and GOOD and AWESOME. splendid is not enough.