Two Things I Cannot Exaggerate, Though I Do Consider Myself an Above-Average Exaggerator

First, this coffee, the Hazelnut Creme kind, smells so good, so earthquakingly knee-knockingly stupor-inducingly good, that each time I sniff it (I'm sniffing it right now) I temporarily lose the ability to exhale, and know only that there is no possible way I could adequately describe it. I think if you cure cancer and foster orphans and divest yourself of all earthly possessions, you die and go to heaven and the dirt smells like this coffee.

Secondly, that silly cell phone commercial reminded me the other day of how much the song "Back in Black," by AC/DC, utterly and absolutely ROCKS, and I just listened to it again - before I started in on the coffee - and realized I didn't even know the half of it. That song is easily ten times as good as I remembered it being, with the guitar as big as a mountain and the perfect nonsense lyrics and the shrieky singer-dude shrieking like he is going to DIE the instant the song is over. Which, of course, would have been understandable. I mean, once you rock that hard, man, that's it. Your work here is done. Go sniff some coffee dirt.


Jan said...

I'd like to try that Hazelnut Creme kind.

To The Moon said...

I so am going to buy a bag. I've been dreaming about it since I left your house.....and I'm making Tom get the cinnamon creamer today at the store. You WILL turn me into a coffee drinker! :)