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(Originally submitted to NUVO newsweekly)

The "Country Folk Art & Craft Show," at the Indiana State Fairgrounds last weekend, was a huge success and tremendously enjoyable, I bet. This unique event featured thousands of the finest creative-yet-affordable creations from the nation's best artisan-crafters, according to the website, but unfortunately that same website (I'm looking right at you, www.in.gov/statefair) led me to believe the show started at *5:00* p.m., instead of ending an hour earlier, at 4:00, which is what actually happened.

So Sunday evening Penelope and I hiked clear across the Fairgrounds, from the Swine Barn to the Northwest Pavilion, in freezing temperatures and gusting winds - uphill both ways, mind you - to find an cavernous meeting hall with only a handful of tired exhibitors trying to break down the last of their booths, load up their cars and head home. 

No tissue-dispensing stuffed animals or custom-carved ceiling-fan pulls for us.

It was a shame, too - Penny had worn her "Craft or Die" shirt and everything - but we did get to see the last fifteen minutes of the big Motorcycle Expo, also taking place at the Fairgrounds on Sunday, and that made me very happy. Penny, less so. Again and again, I'd approach a hand-built chopper or a gleaming Triumph Rocket, bowing respectfully and explaining all the pertinent details: "look, honey... 2300 cubic centimeters... the largest production engine in motorcycling history..." and she'd sigh and check her watch, pointing to the signs reading "You drool on it, you bought it."

Ultimately, both events were kind of a bust for us. But for all the others in attendance, the Motorcycle Expo and the Country Folk Art & Craft Show seemed like they'd been a lot of fun, and I'd recommend you stop in for a look when the shows come back around this time next year. Just make sure you double-check the schedule.


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It sounds like you live close to the fairgrounds - http://www.in.gov/serv/eventcal?PF=statefair&Clist=97
Have you checked out the web site? there seems to be a few shows coming up that sound like they would be intresting to go to! A paper and Rubber stamp show - art and antique show on March 9th - 12th, a flea market, a flower and patio show,Spring Bead, Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show - and that is just for the rest of this month. just think what next month is going o bring???