You Can Say Yes Or You Can Say No

Gaah! I have a godawful song stuck in my head right now, and while I really want to complain about it more specifically, I cannot, in good conscience, tell you what the song is, because then it would burrow into your brain as well and I would have spread around this plague unfairly.

So while I can assure you it's awful, I can't tell specify precisely why.

Unless you ask me to...


Anonymous said...

Is it Copacabana? I hope it's not Copacabana. Because once you have Copacabana stuck in your head, you are done for.

Her name was Lola...she was a showgirl... with yella feathers in her hair and her dress cut down to there...

Crap. CRAP!!!!

xo Wee (...and do the cha-cha...)

Colin said...

It's sure as heck Copacabana now!


Before it was New Kids On The Block's "I'll Be Loving You Forever" and that was not nearly as good.

In fact, it was hellish.

...Down at the Copa... Copacabana...

creative_kate said...

Hey Colin! It's Kate (the intern that worked with you @ the Star)...not sure if you will remember me or not.

Just wanted to say that your blog cracks me up. I've always enjoyed your writings.

Hope all is well. Please don't pick on my grammar.

: ) Kate