Hey, That Was Fun

Thanks for speaking up on the motorcycle preferences. If I hear of any bike that converts to an Eames chair, Wee, you can bet I'll be all over it.

It's surprising how subjective these things are... I can't resist posting a couple more pictures just to see what you'll say.

For the record, those last two were a Buell XB9SX and a Harley-Davidson XL1200S.

These are a couple of oddballs. Gold star bonus points to anyone who can identify either one.


Anonymous said...

Again... the bottom one. It looks like something crafted by H.R. Giger (http://www.hrgiger.com/) Maybe it's the Goth setting, I dunno... but if I had the bottom one, I would dress like Grandpa Munster and ghost it through the streets very sllllooooowwwwllllyyy on October evenings with itty bitty bats rustling in my wake.

The top on reminds me of JarJar Binks for some reason. JarJar Bings reclining. Not good.

xo Wee

Colin said...

Whoa... I just got back from that Giger site you mentioned. I had no idea the Swiss could be that frightening.

So much for clocks, chocolate and choo-choos, I guess.

Now, you coasting through town with a motorcade of tiny bats... that doesn't sound scary at all. Just kinda jaunty, really.