Look! Reality!

For about a year and a half now, I've worked in a basement. It's a nice basement, I'll grant you... the former home of a local winery, and comprehensively renovated with galvanized steel sliding doors and suspended plexiglass walls and recessed halogen lights and the whole bit.

But it's still a basement. From where I sit I can't see a single ray of daylight, and now that the weather's improving this is becoming a problem. So I had an idea.

I brought in these chintzy little wireless cameras I ordered a few years ago, set one on a windowsill upstairs, wired the receiver thingy to the TV sitting between James and Arnie's desks, and boom - a virtual window on the world.

It's fantastic. Our coworker Jake says it's stupid, but he's a big baby elephant.

See? Somebody just walked by with tan pants on. There's a Chevy Trailblazer parked out front. The sun is shining. All these things I couldn't have known otherwise.

I don't care that the image sometimes flickers. I don't care that it only works in one specific place or the picture turns to static. All I care about is that I can see what's going on outside, as it goes on, and I am happy.

Call it self-deceit if you want to (Jake); it's a good trick.

If you happen to be walking by, please wave.



Anonymous said...

Oh, Col, anyone that knows you even a little bit should have expected that sooner or later! Way to go!


Chantelle said...

Very clever!

Anonymous said...

It's actually quite sad. He sits by the television now, pining for the sun's warm caress, like a child might fawn over a picture of a toy in a catalogue. It's not the real thing, Colin-child. What good is the false hope that a quasi-reality brings, except to tease and tempt you with what you can never have! Oh the humanity!

-jake :p

MadFlyTom said...

You know...now we have a reason to walk over and moon Jake. It would be perfect for that.

I'm really just jealous...that's all.

Love the idea....where do you get such contraptions?

Colin said...

Tom - I think they came from one of those obnoxious emails sent out by X10 dot com... your source for everything fun, dorky and cheaply constructed.