Reasonably Rare, but Rare for a Reason?

So Yamaha, much to my dismay, sells this thing in Europe but not here. It's called a Tmax, I'm told, and it's one of an increasingly popular (but not here) sub-category of vehicles called "superscooters."

Sure they look a little peculiar, but as a motorist I'm intrigued by anything that can go 100 mph on the highway and get 50 mpg around town. And as a motorcyclist I'm intrigued by the idea of having a functional windshield and a trunk without having to resort to some gigantic Harley/Goldwing dreadnought that seems to defeat the whole purpose of a bike.

So whaddya think? If they brought 'em here, would anybody buy 'em?

Would you?

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Thomas said...

Those are VERY popular in Japan. There's more huge-looking mopeds than motorbikes.