Another One

Okay, just one more of my mini-movies, and I'll get back to the writing, I swear.

It's just that this one's my favorite.


Jan said...


Anonymous said...

this one is truly disturbing. Clacky is the stuff of nightmares, i thought he was lean through my screen and pluck out my eyeball! I was terrified. I may even have lost bladder control a little there. Great music choice!!! And man, that Lopie can wheel a cart like noone's biz-ness!

xo Wee

Anonymous said...

My fave is 88 Maxwell! I think that one is fabulous! I particularly like how the kitty approaches and how Vince is sitting there staring at you! And awesome music choices on all your vignettes, Colin!

xo Wee

Colin said...

Thank you very, very much. And I'm so glad you enjoyed the 88 Maxwell one... you're very kind not to point out the two glaring continuity errors:

1. Vince is in both rooms at the same time.
2. The mass of stars represented at the end is actually the Andromeda, not the Milky Way, due to difficulties getting far enough back to snap a decent photograph of our own galaxy.

Anonymous said...

o, well, see.... I just assumed the auxillary Vince (yeah, I stole that from Dave barry, I'm not proud) was his alternate universe doppelganger.

But the absence of Milky Way... that I totally missed!

xo Wee