Little Me

I see that Lope has posted a picture of herself when she was little, (she was beautiful, of course), standing on a boat it looks like, hair still wet from swimming in a lake.

My natural domain was the driveway, or the yard, or the woods near my house. There was a creek running through it, but that's it as far as water. Instead of boats I had Big Wheels; instead of fish I caught crawdads.

I can't complain.

Lope says she feels like she's returning to her original self, her true self - the little girl in the picture - and I agree. That makes me happy for her. It seems like we all lose sight of ourselves at some point growing up, and when you think about it, twenty years isn't such a long time to spend separated.


Here's a picture of me as a kid. I'm not sure if I recognize the boy in this picture... I didn't really know him, you know? I was too busy *being* him... I didn't have much self-awareness growing up, and when people who knew me tell me stories, I'm always surprised.

I don't know. He seems like a nice little kid.

Maybe we'll meet again soon, and I'll recognize him.


penelope said...

You were adorable. :)
Still are.

Thomas said...

Same face now, even had aviators back then! What's funny is, you can so see that little guy being Elton John's son too...

Colin said...

Thanks, Tom.

Sharon said...

I can see him