Happy Birthday To Me

Birthday Dinner
Originally uploaded by This Guy Colin.
Penny took me to my favorite restaurant for my 29th birthday -- a little place called Bonge's Tavern, up in Perkinsville, Indiana.

There's no stoplight in Perkinsville, but there is the nicest 160-year-old converted general store serving gourmet vittles you'll ever find.

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christine said...

Happy Birthday, Colin! Looks like you had a lovely night (thanks to your lovely wife). xo

Anonymous said...

OOOOO! Happy birthday, Colin!! 29?! Egad, you are still but a baby! a wise, tremendously gifted baby with alot of facial air and the most stunning mrs.

I wish for you a year full of unexpected good fortune, magical meals, fun on wheels, and soul stretching groeth! Plus happiness and health and lots and lots of love!

xo Wee

Anonymous said...

er... that's facial hair with the all important H and stuff. And growth with a w swapped out for the e. sigh. What can I say? I'm old. my eyesight is failing me.

Colin said...

Don't worry... we always know what you mean... Thanks!

Thomas said...

Happy birthday, Colin. That picture captures your happiness!

Sharon said...

Look for a package in the mail real soon ( happy Birthday to you....speaking of history! ) :)

Jan said...

Love the porch at the rest, esp. the ceiling