Okay, be strong. Strong strong strong. A steely symbol of resolve. Yes, there's a room full of stuffed toys in there, and yes, it would be TOTALLY SWEET to just go Rambo on every last one of them, but c'mon, man: you're a professional. The *best.*

What? What's that you're saying back there? Are you talking SMACK, Mister Teddy Bear? 'Cause I'll TEAR YOU STITCH FROM STITCH, BUDDY!


Pull yourself together. Be cool. Remember: *you're* in control here. Calm. Collected. Six years on the job this Fall. Keep it up, hang in there, and it'll be a nice, cushy retirement package.

Boca, maybe. Or Palm Springs. And all the bacon bits you can eat.

You can do this. No sweat. Barney's a pro.

What? Did that bear just wink at me? DID HE? He did, didn't he?

You know what? Forget it! I'm coming back there! You hear that, Bearface?

Enough is enough, and BARNEY is GOING IN!

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penelope said...

poor dog...

Thomas said...

Wookey Caves....