The Happy House Showing Dance

Trying to sell your house is, well, a trying experience. There's listing and packing and comparing and appraising and staging to worry about, and we haven't even gotten to the inspecting and negotiating and counteroffering, or the loading and checklisting and driving and driving and driving parts yet.

But it's all for the best, and even amongst the stress you'll find occasional moments of unbridled glee.

This was Penelope reacting to the call that some prospective buyers had requested to look at our house in more detail.


Anonymous said...

She is so cute!


Kate said...

LOL, for some reason this is really creepy--maybe it's the fact that P looks like she's levitating through the room, or perhaps because she doesn't say a WORD, just that expression on her face--LOL. Sure she wasn't abducted by aliens? :) Good luck with the house selling!