F12 Comparison

Okay, since I can't quite put South Carolina into words yet, as my lovely mother-in-law requested, I'll offer just the earnest assurance that I'm working on it, and post this image of my new computer's desktop, which displays Mac OSX's Dashboard feature any time I press the F12 key.

Key differences between here and there: you'll note that it's 81 degrees here in late September, which is a distinct adjustment from Indiana. There I remember September/October being the last gasps of summer, with brisk afternoons and crystal-clear skies heralding Fall's arrival. Kinda nice, actually.

You'll also see that my dashboard clock, there in the upper right, lists the local time in Atlanta. This is because Columbia (or Cola, as it's often referred to in written shorthand, which I just recently discovered and like a lot) isn't quite big enough to have its own listing on the World Clock menu. Tegucigalpa gets one, Port-au-Prince gets one, Indy gets one. Columbia does not.

Other distinctions - other than my incredibly sparse desktop; I'm new - are mostly in the categories of terrain (what's with all these hills and rivers?) and retail (who do I have to beg to get a haircut around here after 7 pm?)

But that should do for now.


Anonymous said...

Vinnie is absolutely adorable! I think you're on a different time than I -- at least that's what my flight schedule leads me to believe. I'm noticing also that the forecast for Cola (notice how I picked right up on that as well) for this weekend is much more Fall-like -- low 60s??? What's with that?

'Can't wait to see you guys!

Love and hugs

Thomas said...

Harbor-Freight Tool Sale this weekend in Columbia. And I'm not even a salesman!

jake said...

If it weren't for the photo of Vince, I wouldn't believe that it's your desktop.

Without 17 word documents, 3 random image files, 6 music/vo mp3s, and numerous file folders... it's just not the same!