So my mom calls me the other day, just to tell me she's in "Portovenere," Italy.

"Porto What?" I say, pressing the phone against my ear. "I didn't even know they had Porta-Potties in Europe."

"Portovenere" she says. "I'm overlooking the Mediterranean. It's eight in the evening here."

"Wow, well, I hope there's a lock on the door. I hate when somebody busts in on you like that, and you're all--"

"Italy!" Mom yells.


I'm really happy for her. Two weeks in Italy, she gets, jaunting around here and there, and actually spending the bulk of her time near Cinque Terre, where Lope and I were planning to go this year before the move and everything happened. I can't wait to see her pictures.

In the meantime, I found this online, courtesy of Mr. Todd Adams, and it looks just beautiful.

Thanks, Todd Adams! And go Mom!


Thomas said...

That's hilarious. The picture looks beautiful. Could you buildings ever being colored like that in America? Maybe New Orleans, but even that's a stretch.

Colin's Mom said...

That photo must have been taken from my hotel, as that's the exact view I had. It is truly beautiful.

I have 420 pictures from the trip, so it looks like I'll be very busy downloading this weekend.

Love and hugs