Super Fancy Jakiness

Well, I'll be dipped in gravy and rolled in breadcrumbs.

It seems that JAKE and the rest of the Vision3 posse have completed a project we worked on together: the website of one Mike Ullrich, wearer of boots and editor par excellence.

I welcome and urge you all to visit the site, and to marvel at the design and animation talents of Jake Leeman, James Ratliff, Greg Foxworthy and Arnie Benton.

I'd also like to hope you'll read the words.

Simply click HERE.

Behind-the-scenes detail: the second-to-last feature on the Short Strand page, the Goodwill spot, was I believe art-directed by my lovely wife Penelope. And the last one, for Riley Hospital for Children, is really cute and fun to watch in my opinion.


jake said...

that Jake guy is brilliant, pure genius!

Ebert & Roeper give him two thums WAY up!

Anonymous said...

You need Colin more than you realize back there; you're all fingers... Great website!

penelope said...

So cool!

Anonymous said...

um... is it possible to dip you in chocolate and roll you in nuts instead? Cuz gravy? Not so much my thing. But chocolate? oh yeah. yum.

xo Wee

Anonymous said...

Look, look!! I'm on your blogspot!! This is really a new thing for me. Glad it's not like Myspace. Those people are freaks.

Katie said...

Oops. How in the hell do I identify myself besides by saying I'm your sister? Oh...figured it out. Hello and send love and hugs and kisses and long gazes into the eyes of my favorite kittennephews and doggy nephew. Mena and Macy miss their cousins. They'll write later.