Grainy But Expressive

Well, I finally did it. I ran a pen out of ink. And I can honestly say it was one of the most fulfilling events of my life so far. Miles of smoothly-dispensed black pigment hath unfurled across the pages of my expression, and finally it got me somewhere. In fact, I even photographed the empty cartridge for posterity, using my nearly-filled notebook as a backdrop.

Upon searching for a replacement in the office supply closet, I discovered that we don't order that kind -- a Sarasa 0.7 by Zebra.

This is no good. I really like writing with a Sarasa 0.7 by Zebra, and now I can't. So I did what anybody would do. I Googled it.

Right away I found said Zebra on Amazon, which seems like a good place to find zebras if you don't think too hard about it, and noted that there are user reviews listed.

User reviews for pens? Well, okay.

And you may be wondering, as I was, what a person says about a humble device so commonplace as a pen, even a mighty and exquisite Sarasa 0.7 by Zebra. So here you go -- here's what William A. Thompson of Macomb, Illinois had to say:


Superlative for writing letters

Thick, swart, syrupy ink, a bit grainy, but expressive, feels good as it flows across the page, has an antique look, almost quill like. You might not want to use it for filling forms, legal documents, but for personality, it's perfect.


Goddess of Leonie said...

I too have reached the dizzying heights of pen-using achievement... writing a book with a uniball eye micro fine. it drizzled out the last of its remnants as I was writing late one night, and I was paralysed from writing anymore. I wanted to go buy a new one NOW. Only a uniball eye micro fine would do. Alas, it was too late, and my beloved reassured me that tomorrow, i would have a new one.

I walked to work the next morning, and guess what I found on the sidewalk? A uniball eye micro fine, with a full barrel of ink, and in pristine condition aside from a small scratch along the lid (street cred from its street kid days).

Pens are magic.

Anonymous said...


(Just so you know, that was an impressed meow, a meow worthy of the superlative achievement of using up an entire pen of ink. This is an achievement I, sadly, don't think I'll ever be able to claim as I lose pens left and right. In fact the goddess's uniball might well have been one of mine. But wait... do mechanical pencil leads count?!! Cuz I have gone thru about 9 bazillion of those!! Yes. 9 bazillion.)

meow meow.

(and that was Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lope. I hope you have a wonderful time and stuff yerselves silly!)

xo Wee

jake said...

happy turkey murder day!

(isn't even more humorous with ME saying that!?)

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