Noir Et Orange

I'm a big fan of Penelope Dullaghan.

This is possibly an understatement. But one of my favorite things she's done recently (aside from pointing out the relationship parallel between Hemingway/Faulkner and Dr. Dre/Eminem... at a party, no less... way to go, Lope!) is this Black and Orange Halloween thing she put on.

I'll go ahead and agree with the Drawn blog -- she is indeed "fast becoming the official queen of collaborative illustration projects online." That inspiring, inimitable Lope even got me to enter, with the lovely image you see below -- an image that required all the painstaking artistic effort of pressing a button. Yeah, so it's just a photo of a bonfire. Can I help it if I can't draw? (Actually yes, I probably could try to help it, but that's a level of ambition I'm not prepared to even think about today.) Anyways:

And she got some 300 other people to participate! With far better entries! You should absolutely go check it out if you haven't already.


Anonymous said...

whaddya know?! I'm a big fan of Penelope Dullaghan too! Also Vincent, Bailey, Colin and Noah Dullaghan.

xo Wee

Thomas said...

Your submission gets my vote. Good composition, nice lines, all well designed by hot and cold finding equilibrium. It says a lot. And it's not "sexy fire".