I'm Obnoxious

For once, it's me who can't stop singing around the house.

Lope's over there trying to write some important email, squinting at her screen dutifully and tapping at the keyboard, but I'm over here in the kitchen with our dog, and I'm serenading him all falsetto like,

"Vinnnn...cent!... Recently elected mayor of... Vincetown! By an unprecedented laand...sliiiide..."

"Oh, his term will commence immediately, AND he shall serve indefinitely, in the highest post of... VINCE-TOWN! Whoo-eee yeah..."

"No other candidate could promise such steadfast VINCE-NESSSS, which is why the voters concurred that-"



"You about done?"


"...Oh the wallllls, of city halllll, will soon be adorned with his august VIS-age... yeah...


Jan said...

Of course Vince responsed in his Vince-bass howl

Anonymous said...

You? Singing uncontrollably? What'd Penny slip in your drink? ;)

Anonymous said...

I sing to my woofity all the time too!!! but my lyrics are not nearly as sophisticated. Generally, they go something like this: "I'm hooked on my doggy/ she's not a little froggy/she is my Finn Finn girl/and she's got me loving her..." to the tune of "Hooked on a Feeling". Or at least it would be to that tune, if i could actually carry one. A tune, that is. Y'know?!!

I say nevermind the Lopester! Keep on singing yer stuff!!! I shall call you Minstral from now on, I think!

xo wee

James said...

I would say this happens 2-3 times a week at our apt. What is with the wives not enjoying a good ol fashioned, improvised song about whatever happens to be directly in front of you?

I believe just the other day it was "This pan is your pan...this pan is my pan...from califorpan...to carolipan.."

Its a pretty nice pan.

Colin said...

That pan was made for you and her.