Pretty Standard, Really

Recent, and sadly typical, client feedback from some of my writing. Remember what I said about the common tendency to think everybody (besides you, of course) is dumb?


From: [Insert Account Person Name Here]
To: Colin, [Art Director], [Creative Director], [Traffic Manager]
Subject: [Project Name]

[Insert name of marketing director here] has not sent the ads to the marketing committee and won't until we get her revised creative. There are 3 ads that are fine and the other 3 still need some work.

[client] understands the humor and the thought behind these ads, but stresses the importance of being positive. They don't think people would come to an event after seeing an ad [like this]. [Client] acknowledges what we're trying to do with the concept, but still doesn't think people will get it.

Let me know when you can have revisions ready.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Isn't that just pathetic? You see, there are stupid people outside Indiana, too. It's rampant, I tell you.

Love and hugs