Urgent Requirement

Oh man. You know what that is? That picture, right over there?

Yeah. That's a BACKPACK that's for DOGS, baby! And I am absolutely getting Vincent one for his birthday.

Unassailable Logic And Rationale:
* Vince likes hiking
* Vince likes eating
* I dislike carrying dog food
* Vince likes (most likely) having a job to do

The little guy likes to feel important, you know? And who am I to stand between him and a useful vocation?

Nobody. That's who.

In fact, I'm the one who's absolutely going to buy that dog a dog backpack. With a handle built in, you'll notice, for carrying the pack and for helping him over gulches. That's the kind of dude I am.

And if for some reason you're *still* not sold (Perhaps you need to go back and reread my Unassailable Logic and Rationale?), then check this:

See that smile? Fuzzy-faced proof-positive product testimonial is what that is, my friend!


Anonymous said...

too cute! n

Anonymous said...

that should be m not n typo :)

Anonymous said...

Now, if I had known that Vince needed a backpack, I would be bringing him one for a Valentine present. However, since it's too late, you'll just have to wait for his birthday.

My largest piece of luggage is full of stuff for you guys and Tom and Vince and Noah and Bailey, so I'm going to throw some jeans and a sweater into my carry-on and jump on that plane Friday morning. I can't wait to see you!

Love and hugs

kelly said...

oh...that looks like my delilah!
but vince will look spiffy too!

Anonymous said...

got one. use it seldom, but dog is proud when adorning it.


all kinds of dog wear. us based company based in minnesota.

- kohn

Thomas said...

When's Vince's birthday? Just remember not to laugh at him like you guys did with his shorts. He was humiliated, remember?

penelope said...

I don't think he'd like it. He prefers just to wear his collar.

Tom: Vince's birthday is the beginning of May.

Beth said...

This is too perfect, I've seen this before in Backpacker magazine (or some outdoorsy periodical). I think Blaine needs one of these for when we go out hiking as a family. I mean it is much manlier than a sweater or one of those "party" collars I saw at the dog boutique where it has pom poms and stuff sewn to it. Just make sure you see if Vince really wants it. He can take it to the beach and collect shells in his stylin' new pack.

Anonymous said...

You guys really need to have a kid soon. This is getting out of control. :) YS I'll probably be seeing y'all in April when I go to Myrtle Beach with the girls, so I'll have to bring him a present. Tell him I said hello...and the boys too.