New Toy New Toy Cha Cha Cha

I get a new bike! And it's not even my birthday! I'm freaking out here!

And I generally avoid using exclamation points!

It's that familiar old tale. You know how it goes: Boy has bike. Boy loves bike. Boy explores everything in sight.

Boy moves to South Carolina and gets bike STOLEN (grrr) by dirty dirtbags at apartment complex. Boy moans.

Winter comes. When new year starts, boy sells antique Volvo, starts scouring Craigslist until he finds a winner. (actually, I scoured several of Craig's lists, from Savannah to Charlotte and Atlanta to Myrtle Beach. I ended up finding The One a couple hours' drive away.)

So guess: which of these bikes am I going and getting tomorrow? Can you guess? Can you huh?


Anonymous said...

I like the blue one best, anyway!

Love and hugs

Thomas said...

I hope not the middle one. I'd make fun of your moped for a long time. The bottom one would necessitate trading the jumpsuit for leather, so, that leaves three.

lorna said...

The top one...no the blue one....no the top one....
final answer:
The blue one.

Michele Melcher Illustration said...

Maybe the dirtbike looking one (second one down) - though that bob job at the bottom is pretty darned sweet! (only 1 passenger though...so probably not)

Anonymous said...

my guess is the second one. It seems somehow colin. And bespoke-ed.

Congratulations. I hope you enjoy it! safely. Very, very safely. With extra helpings of careful on the side.
xo wee