Sunset Story

Go. See. This. Movie. Now.

It should be available through Netflix, or Blockbuster, or Amazon, or your local library. It's a documentary about two friends in a retirement home, and it will make you laugh, cry, reflect on your own mortality, resolve to call your grandma, and generally have a very hard time getting up, walking away and going back to the so obviously inconsequential daily tasks and assignments of busyness.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you had to write a quick post about it, and wish you could have written more, and hate yourself for allowing yourself to believe you don't have time.


Thomas said...

Are you sure the movie title isn't "Bubba Hotep"? That's about two friends in a retirement home. One's the real Elvis; the other's JFK.

Colin said...

I don't *recall* seeing Elvis or JFK in Sunset Story, but it's tough to be sure.

I'm thinking with sand here.

Daniel said...

gotta tell you, a great movie out now is reign over me, with don cheadle and adam sandler. just in case you were gonna ask my opinion