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Colin said...

Ah. Upon revisiting a day later, I see that this post doesn't... um, make any sense.

I put it here after thinking about the idea of interdependence of all people, and about the pacifism of historic figures such as Gandhi, King and the Dalai Lama in their refusal to resort to violence -- even when being threatened by violence.

I'd been thinking about the way they, like the Jains, Quakers and other pacifist groups, have been mocked and discredited by others who felt that violence and retribution are natural and necessary parts of human life.

I was hoping to express my respect for this philosophy with a small joke that had occurred to me, and the (surely not original) observation that the futility of violence within an interconnected system is reflected in the old saying about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

That's all. Sorry for the confusion.