Is There, Like, a Pilot Light or Something?

We've been plunged into darkness, the Lope and I. For reasons unknown, and without warning, our home internet connection went down at about 1:00 this afternoon, and we've been helpless ever since.

I restarted the computer; I restarted the wireless server; I even restarted the cable modem. Nothing. The green light simply would not blink. The email would not check for new messages. The Google homepage would not load. We were cut off from the most essential of utilities -- information.

I've thought about it, actually, and I think honestly I'd prefer an outage of the water supply, or of natural gas for the furnace, or even electricity, provided we could run the laptops off their batteries. And I'd definitely give up the TV service in favor of Web. No question.

But since none of my remedies to get us back entangled in the net seemed to work, the Mrs. and I were left with but two, equally unsavory, options: Sit and wait and do nothing, or call customer service and wait and do nothing.

"Aha," you say. "It must be back up by now... how else could you post this blog from the house?"

I couldn't. I went back to work, where the living is good and the web is worldwide. And I plan to stay here at the office as long as I possibly can.

Which reminds me... could someone go check in on Lope from time to time? I can't imagine how she's living under those circumstances. It must be terrible.


-T- said...

I find these new-culture nuances interesting. I've actually heard "I have to go back! I forgot my cell phone." Sometimes I want to break my modem and phone in half, with an axe. They're leashes, and I want to go back to being untamed.

James said...

I finally got my 42" FHDTV, and let me say it was everything I ever wanted it to be. It delivered the American League Playoffs in full HD splendor, then The Office in rystal clear High Def, then HGTV, then History Chanel...then...I am watching way to much tv. I'm canceling cable and taking the thing back this weekend...for now.