Would You Eat This?

Lot of interrogative post titles these days, eh? Not sure what's up with that.

So here's this box of something I paid money for.

"Spinach & Feta Cheese Pierogies" actually sounded like something I'd order in a restaurant, believe it or not, and residing as it did in the freezer section of the local Bi-Lo, the price was right. Right around two dollars or so -- or about a fifth the cost of your standard restaurant entrée -- and as such more or less irresistible to yours truly.

I know what you're thinking, especially if you're my wife: Toxic Preservatives Central. Surely this stuff's constructed of questionable byproducts and hydrogenated asbestos, right?

Not exactly. I did browse the side panel, and confirmed that there's not much to these Pierogies besides what it says on the front -- spinach, cheese, potatoes and pasta. Enriched flour is the only evil.

Still, though... can you trust the purity of a product manufactured by "Cheemo," of all things?

I ate it; don't get me wrong. It's just hard not to have reservations about food named after cancer treatment.

POSTSCRIPT: It says on the box that they "pan-fry" in only 3-5 minutes, but they don't really specify a heat setting. Mine ended up kind of just singed on the shell and a little underdone in the center, so I'd recommend starting on "MED" and going from there.

If, you know, you're actually going to eat this.


Anonymous said...

anyone else think it's funny that people still EAT things they are unsure of?

...What is it? Oh... Let me CONSUME IT AND FIND OUT!



Anonymous said...

That's probably how eggs and milk came to be foodstuffs, though........someone had to eat something there was every reason in the world to be unsure about.

James said...

Those actually... look...and sound... pretty good. I'll be looking for CHEEMO brand on my next trip to Aldi.