Little Snippets

I just found out that my cell phone's little built-in camera has a zoom feature. It's not really a zoom, of course, like with a couple of lenses that shift in relation to one another so as to resolve a high-resolution image of a distant subject, but it works.

It's a "digital" zoom, so to speak, which basically means it takes the same darn image it was going to take at a full view, but only captures a small fraction of it. Then it blows up the fraction so you can see it clearly in the phone window and boom -- it's a zoomed-in image, kind of.
Not that it's important or anything, but it's about like the difference between using a telescope and looking through an empty toilet paper roll.
Which can be fun in its own right. Here are some pictures I took of my office surroundings, the other day at work. Each one is just the very center few pixels of the larger image, which would be ones where  the cell phone image sensor was masked off to only take the middle of whatever it sees.

I think I'll be taking more of these ultra-zoom crappy pics.

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