Things I Genuinely Wouldn't Touch With a Ten-Foot Pole

hornet's nest

sleeping bear

core of earth

nuclear warhead


faberge egg


Tila Tequila


Megan said...

hee hee. This got a true laugh out of me, thanks!

Anonymous said...

What about the Declaration of Independence? I just watched "National Treasure" and it made me want to touch that thing oh so badly.

To your list I would add:

poop (any kind)
surface of sun
Britney Spears
top of Space Needle
Mt. St. Helens crater
crocodile (Crikey!)

Anonymous said...

I have a meme for you that I think you'd enjoy:

1. Pick a random book that has at least 123 pages.

2. Turn to page 123 and count off five complete sentences.

3. Type the next three sentences in your post.

4. Tag five other people.

For example:

"Since the expression of her surprise will consist only of a very slight elevation of one eyebrow, you have to watch closely for it.

"Storytelling skill ranks as one of the most important qualities in a prospective hunting-camp companion. The test consists of asking the subject about one of his scars."

Anonymous said...

That was Patrick F. McManus, "The Grasshopper Trap." Sorry about all the separate posts. I'm tired.

-T- said...

Wet cardboard spanning from the bowels of a toilet to the drain hole, revealed as the toilet is removed.