Let's Hope Our Record is Better than 0-18

My sister Katie snagged me this sweet button from a preview of American Teen, a documentary filmed in the small Indiana town where Penny and I will soon be living: Warsaw, Indiana. It also apparently features some dude named Colin, undoubtedly the coolest guy in the cast.

She grabbed a whole handful of these things, actually, so I've got plenty left over for all of you to join.

*Incidentally, I remember thinking the name "Nanette Burstein" looked familiar, and I see now that it's because she also directed "On The Ropes" a few years back, which I thought was really good.


{ ry | no } said...

If Team Colin's primary mission is staring at other men's underpants, I'd like you to create a board position for me: Historian In Charge of Photography.

Colin said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! A little context, everybody. Ryan *kind of* happened to ask me the other day what design a nearby gentleman had on the exposed rear portion of his boxer shorts, just above the waistline of his sagging jeans. I *courteously* leaned closer to examine said shorts, at which point Ryan snapped a photo.

That's what he's talking about. Just wanted to clear that up.

{ ry | no } said...

For the record, Colin, you were quite willing, eager even, to lean in for a closer look.


Thomas said...

Spiffy badge, spiffier picture Dude.

Anonymous said...

I say you bring the pins to the next family function and we all wear them and take a photo. Random thought. I found another one in my purse just now, as I was cleaning it out, avoiding work. I'll bring it.