Out Like a Trout

On vacation in Laguna Beach, California for a few days. Looking forward to some uneventful beach lolling and gallery strolling.

So far the people watching is almost as good as the car ogling. And that's all the -ings for today, since it's 11 here but 3 a.m. our time, and we've been up since 5.


Christina Forshay said...

lovely spot for a vacation down there in laguna--especially this time of year; we're having lovely weather here in so cal! lots of cool restaurants and galleries to see. hope you guys gets some great r&r!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Guys!
I hope you're having lots of fun and taking great care of my Grandbaby Bean.

Katie leaves for Sweden/Scotland tomorrow, and you return from California. How did I get such jet-setters?

Have a safe trip back.

Love and hugs